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Award Winning Aotea Electric Canterbury

August 4th 2020


“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It is doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile” Julia Child


Award Winning Aotea Electric Canterbury

Winning Awards is a bonus of the work we do. Every project and piece of work is simply carried out the Aotea way. We only believe in delivering great results, on time and finished to a high standard. When we get recognised for this, it a great honour and a well deserved ‘pat-on-the-back’ for our hard working team.

Here’s a little review of some of the Aotea Award Winning projects in recent years. As always a huge thanks to the whole team for making these happen.

2019 Master Electrician Excellence Awards

The Master Electricians Excellence Awards are a biennial competition and awards ceremony aimed to identify and recognise excellence within the electrical contracting industry. Aotea Electric Canterbury was awarded Silver in the Project Award Over $5 million category for the Christchurch Town Hall project.

To place in the Master Electrician Excellence Awards is a huge achievement and we are very proud of all of the Aotea Canterbury team for their incredible hard work and dedication. Congratulations


The KNX NZ National Awards

The Christchurch Town Hall project also picked up The KNX NZ Best Commercial Project 2019.

The refurbishment of the Town Hall took three years to complete, and for Aotea Electric alone, it took 43,000 man hours, with some team-members on site since December 2015. Approximately 300 KNX devices control over 2000 lights.

We were delighted to also pick up The Best KNX NZ Design Award 2019 for Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls School. It was one of the largest KNX automation projects in New Zealand with approximately 1000 KNX devices across the site, and 18,000m of KNX cable.

The Ultimate Campus…a state of the art design was created for the rebuild of Avonside Girls’ High School and Shirley Boys’ High School at QEII Park in Christchurch. In a New Zealand first, the two schools operate as separate entities from the same campus. The teaching remains separate but they share several facilities and some administration staff.




Looking further back at other ‘iconic’ Christchurch projects we are proud, includes the LCNZ Lighting Award for the installation of the stunning lighting at Christchurch Casino and the Canterbury National Earthquake Memorial.